RG or KB will be meeting with Mark Feeny in late June / early July for a catch up.


Our application to the Barcapel Foundation was rejected and we have received no response yet from the Sackler Foundation.


An application was submitted to the Hedley Foundation (one of the Sainsbury charitable trusts) in May.


RG contacted the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Foundation for an informal discussion about the possibility of submitting an application to their September funding round. They will fund areas such as researching and developing the use of a collection, engaging new audiences and project posts, but will not fund capital costs (including the costs of equipment for a redisplay). In order to apply we would need to create a distinct project, ideally focussing on using and developing under-used collections for social change, audience engagement and involvement. They are well worth an application, as they do have a track record of funding in the Highlands and Islands (including 85K to Museum nan Eilean and 27K to Shetland Museum). A project based on our Gaelic collection would seem to be a good fit, but we would need to ensure that any money we receive could be spent in the way we need to spend it (i.e. fits with our existing budget and outcomes). RG will speak to PB and KB about how to proceed.


The Foyle Foundation looks like it might be a good fit for an application. RG will try to assemble some information before leaving and then pass on to PB.


The local garden open days went very well, and raised £667.95 for our new museum project.


Audience Development

Jess MacWhinnie came into the museum on 17 June to highlight the possibility of the museum building a link with a community support group called Gateway, which had an open day in the community centre. They are an Inverness-based charity that is trying to move out to work with vulnerable communities in more of the outlying areas. RG had a chat with Alex Gilchrist to see if there was any scope for partnership working. They are only in the very early stages of working in Gairloch and the surrounding areas, but were interested in the possibility of bringing groups of people on visits to the museum and possibly working with the museum’s reminiscence boxes to provide outreach to vulnerable people. No actions as yet, but something to bear in mind for the future.



KT has been trying to contact Museum nan Eilean for the past month but has received no response. As a result we will not be able to make the final benchmarking trip to Lewis and Harris and will be left with unspent money in the Project Curator budget.


Oral history

Anne MacInnes has taken one more interview for the Securing the Memories project, meaning we now have 13 of the 15 we need for the Project Curator post (perhaps more by the time of the Board meeting). RG will ensure that all interviews have been transcribed before she leaves. RG and PB met on 21 June to discuss how the project can move forward. PB will take over the administration / oversight of the project, and Anne and others will continue to collect interviews as and when opportunities arise.


All but one of the FLAG fishing interviews have now been transcribed.



RG and KB attended a useful training course on how to make better use of Facebook on 3 June.


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