The redevelopment leaflet has been produced and is now being handed out to visitors with their admission. The plan still is to distribute it throughout the district but this has not yet happened as there was discussion in the local fundraising meeting about whether it could be sent with a letter / pamphlet asking for support. This would make its distribution by Royal Mail harder to arrange, and possibly more expensive.




Pledge forms have been re-worked – see page 3. Amounts, starting from £10, have been added and the forms also include our bank details so people can pay up straight away if they prefer. Thank you letters have been sent out to all who have paid their pledges. If more donations arrive please alert RG so that further letters can be sent.


A ‘support us’ page has been added to the website with options for donation, including donating online via our PayPal account or Just Giving. It is unlikely that we will get much response from this unless we actively promote / publicise it.


A list of about 8 trusts has been compiled that RG and PB intend to apply to over the next 6 months. RG is also in the process of drafting a general letter that can be sent out, with minor alterations, to a variety of different smaller trusts that do not have a specific application form. There are about 30 or so funders on this list, most of which are a long shot. The Manager of The Blackwatch Museum recommended this approach, however, as the response they received was far more positive than they had expected.



Audience development and Interpretation Plans

RG is working on these whenever time permits, although there is a tendency for the immediate (events, exhibitions etc) to take over, leaving little time for anything else. The interpretation plan, however, will need to become a priority over the next few weeks as we are hoping to meet with the exhibition designer in early August and it would be useful to have a framework plan in place before then.



Events – Gairloch Gathering

A big thank you to everyone who helped out on the day or in advance, and provided prizes for the raffle. Sadly the event itself was a bit of a washout. Heavy rain and strong winds meant we had to retreat to the marquee where there was not enough space for the demonstrations planned. Mrs Beaton was able to spin for a few hours, but unfortunately there was no room for the butter or net-making demonstrations. Kirsty spoke to quite a few people about our future plans as she sold raffle tickets outside once the weather improved, but whilst it was raining it was just too crowded to be able to speak to people or hand out leaflets. Writing names and phone numbers on the back of every raffle ticket sold also made it hard to speak to people at the stall – perhaps a different and less time-consuming system is needed (i.e. write a number on the back of each ticket, and have a list of people’s names and phone numbers). The jam jar fundraising idea also did not work in this context – a rethink is needed.



Lighthouse Weekend, 15 August

It would be nice if we could have an event or activity to reflect this in some way. Taking people over to visit Ruadh Reidh seems problematic and expensive, so what could we do on a smaller scale? Suggestions include:


• Build a lighthouse (can we borrow enough lego for this? How do you make it round?!)

• Make & take activities in the ‘visitor book’ area – colouring in / make a lighthouse

• Have a talk from a lighthouse keeper (who?)

• Any other ideas?



Oral history

Oral history training took place on Friday 12 June. Our thanks to Sue Morrison for an enjoyable and informative day. 9 people attended, including representatives from WRFT and RACM. The collection of oral histories is not scheduled to take place until after the season, but RG may start sooner with some locals who worked in the ROC outpost on Mihol Road. Please get in touch with RG if you can think of anyone who should be interviewed for this project. The main aim is to find out more about the objects in our collection, so we are hoping to talk to people who have experience of using them in their daily lives.




RG attended a Crowdfunding webinar on 18 June. This was very informative, but does not appear to be a viable option for our project. The message was that it is very time-consuming (“it will take over your life for a few months”), requires a huge following and large numbers of people to spread the message as only 1-3% of people who read about it will donate, and is best for raising smaller amounts of money (~£7,000).


Rosalyn Goulding (Project Curator)


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