The total cost of the development project is approx £2,000,000.  Of this, we have to raise 10% through the efforts of our own community.  The museum needs to raise the rest by applying to public and private sector heritage trusts.


Watch our progress on raising the community contribution of £200,000 on the thermometer.


A big thank you to Pat Gulliver, who ran art classes every Saturday in May to teach two groups of young people the techniques of batik. As well as raising £300 for our new museum project, the classes also produced these beautiful batiks, which will be displayed in our new building.

They were made by

Natasha Browne,

Abigail Crawford,

Katie Downie,

Lucy Hildrey,

Coll MacKenzie,

Farran MacKenzie,

Iona McWhinney,

Katie Rae

and Ellie Watson.

Update Monday 26th March 2018

We had a great Friday evening at The Old Inn for the final pub quiz in our Winter Series. Congratulations to Quiz Name Pending for winning on the night with an impressive final score but that didn’t stop the Badachro Baddies from maintaining their place at the top of the league. A huge well done to them for taking home the Museum Cup.


Team Name                  Overall Points   Quizzes Played

Badachro Baddies                  23                        5

Quiz Name Pending               20                         5

KPMG                                     17                         5

Clueless in Badachro             14                         4

Smarty Pints                           13                         5

Bad Sands                              13                         5

The Dorks                               13                         4

The Jekylls                              12                        4

Chairman’s Select                   11                        4

Laide Back                               10                       4

The Flying Dutchmen Again     10                       4

Fresh Crofters                           10                      4

Arrows                                      10                       3

Charleston Charlies                   7                        3

Poolewe Pub Shut                     6                        3

Cuillin’s  Whisky                         6                       2

Bayern Yorkshire                        4                        1

End of the Road                         3                        1

Birchwood Wivies                       3                       1

Whisky’s Walkers                        3                      1

Pointless                                     2                       1

Watson’s Wonders                      2                       1

Team Fudge                                2                       1

Team Nearly                               2                        1

Misfits                                         2                        1

Minety Minds                             2                          1

Team Halibut                             2                          1

Buster’s Bone                            2                          1

Allan’s Angels                            2                         1

Bankhouse Brigade                    2                        1

The Old Missionaries                 2                         1

The Three Musketeers               1                       1

We raised more money from these pub quizzes than we have in previous years which is amazing.

Thank you to The Shieling, Badachro Inn, The Millcroft Hotel, Myrtle Bank Hotel and Old Inn, Gairloch for hosting our pub quizzes.

Thank you to the 32 teams who attended quizzes in the league. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you at our next Gairloch and District Pub Quiz Challenge.

The table shows how the league table shaped up after 5 quizzes.

Update Monday 8th January 2018

Here are the updated results for the pub quiz after 2 rounds


The scoring is :

5 for a win

4 for a runner-up

3 for score 70% or over

2 for score 60% or over

1 for score 50% or over

Badachro Baddies 10

The Jeckylls 7

Chairman’s Select 6


Quiz Name Pending 6

Clueless in Badachro 5

Smarty Pints 5

Bad Sands 5

Laide Back 5

Bayern Yorkshire 4

Arrows 4

End of the Road 3

Poolewe Pub Shut 3

The Dorks 3

Cuillin’s Whiskey 3

Flying Dutchmen Again 3

Fresh Crofters 2

Team Nearly 2

Misfits 2

Minety Minds 2

Charleston Charlies 2

Pointless 2

Old Missionaries 2

Watson’s Wonders 2

Team Fudge 2



Update Wednesday 29th November 2017

The new series of Pub Quizzes started this season at the Shieling, Gairloch.


Thanks to all who took part & thanks to our quizmaster Robin Robertson.


Also thanks to Donald and staff at the Shieling for warm and generous hospitality.









Here are the results from that first evening:




Baddies 59 points 1st

Team Jeckyll  58 points 2nd

KPMG-G+B  57 points 3rd

Pending  56 points

The Dorks  54 points

Smarty Pints  53 points

Chairman's Select  53 points

Laide Back  52 points

Cuillin's Whiskey  52 points

Flying Dutchmen Again  50 points

Fresh Crofters  47 points

Bad Sands  47 points

Pub Shut  46 points

Team Nearly  43 points

Misfits  39 points

Minety Minds  39 points

Charleston Charlies  33 points

Update Monday 27th March 2017

The museum were permitted to field a team in the 2016 Great Wilderness Challenge​. Five volunteers walked the 26 mile route in terrible weather.  For their trouble, they raised £2,303 towards our redevelopment project.  Board member Allan Templeton collected the cheque from the GWC organisers at a gathering last week.


We hope to field a team again this year.

Press & Journal GWC



Update Monday 20th March 2017

We had a brilliant night at the Old Inn on the last night of this year’s pub quiz challenge. There was a full house and the Old Inn put on a wonderful spread at the interval. The winners on the night were new team Agatha Quistie (groan). Prizes were also presented to the teams who took the top three places at the top of the league in our Pub Quiz Challenge.


1.   The Flying Dutchmen

2.   Bad Sands

3.   Badachro Dorchs


Allan Templeton, presented the Museum Cup to Ben Grooters, who represented the winning team. The Museum would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Old Inn for donating the Museum Cup and also for hosting such a splendid evening.


As the quiz series draws to a close, a big thank you to all who participated and contributed. In total the pub quiz series raised £2,566.75 for our new museum! We would also particularly like to thank our five hosts - the Shieling,  Poolewe Hotel,  Badachro Inn, and The Old Inn.


Will there be another series next winter?  Watch this space…



Update Monday 19th December 2016

Here are the latest results after the second evening of Pub Quizzes held in the Poolewe Hotel:


    Team            Total Points    Quizzes played


Bad Sands                 9                     2

Flying Dutchmen        9                     2

Google IT                   5                     2

Opinan Reserve         5                     1

Chairman’s Select      5                     2

Anonymous                5                     2

Leacnasaide Arrows  4                     2

Aultbea Snappers      4                     2

Badachro Dhorchs     4                     1

Gale Force                 4                     2

Smithtown Pirates      3                     1

Woodentops               3                     1

Laide Back                 2                     1

Seven Up                   2                     1

Loosing It                   2                     1

The Young Ones        1                     1




Thanks to all who took part.  Scoring is  5 for a win, 4 for a runner-up, 3 for score 70% or over, 2 for score 60% or over, 1 for score 50% or over.


Thanks to Gary and staff at Poolewe Hotel for warm and generous hospitality on the night.


Next Pub Quiz will be in the Shieling, Gairloch on Friday 20 January at 7.30pm  (Doors open at 7.00pm)


Update Monday 5th December 2016

The new series of Pub Quizzes started this season at the Shieling, Gairloch, and here are the results from that first evening:



       Team                          Score  Points

Flying Dutchman              80      5

Opinan Reserve               80      5

Bad Sands                       78       4

Chairmans Select            77       3

Leacnasaide Arrows        75       3

Anonymous                     72       3

Woodentops                    70       3

Gael Force                       67      2

Google IT                         63      2

Aultbea Snappers            62      2

Seven Up                         60      2

Loosing It                         60      2

The Young Ones              53      1

Thanks to all who took part.  Scoring is  5 for a win, 4 for a runner-up, 3 for score 70% or over, 2 for score 60% or over, 1 for score 50% or over.


Apologies to Opinan Reserve Team for miscount on the night , now corrected.


Thanks to Donald and staff at the Shieling for warm and generous hospitality.


Next Pub Quiz will be in Poolewe Hotel on Friday 16 December at 7.30pm  (Doors open at 7.00pm)


Update Monday 3rd October 2016

Ceilidh and Grand Raffle draw 30th September

The Poolewe Ceilidh Partnership’s event on the 30th September, in aid of our redevelopment project, was a great success. The Community Hall was packed almost to capacity, with 114 adults, and 16 children who were expert dancers!


Duncan Donald first spoke about the history of the Poolewe Ceilidh Partnership, whose 100th ceilidh this was, and introduced the members of the band for the night. We were then entertained with solo performances by each of the five musicians, followed by a group number. Next, there was the Museum’s Grand Prize Raffle draw, with the top prize of £2000 going to a local resident. This was followed by a buffet, prepared by museum volunteers, whilst the hall was cleared for dancing, to music from the ceilidh band .

The sum raised towards our new museum building was a magnificent £1197 – thank you all.

Update Monday 15th August 2016

Our curator was part of a team doing the Great Wilderness Challenge on 13th August this year, in support of the museum. They walked 25 miles through the Great Wilderness on 13th August to raise funds for our new museum.



Update Monday 3rd August 2016

Our Grand Auction on Saturday 30th July was a fantastic day! The sale room was packed with enthusiastic bidders, and we raised more than £7000 for the new museum building. What a great result! Thanks to everyone who came along, to all our volunteers who organised and ran the event.



Update   Monday 17th May 2016

The sun shone brightly on the beautiful gardens at House of Gruinard on Thursday 12 May, which the owner Jane Maclay had generously opened for us in support of our new museum project. Over a hundred people came along to enjoy the gardens and the afternoon teas, and to support the museum. We are so grateful for all the work everyone put in to making the day such a great success, from those who worked so hard to prepare the gardens to those organising the event and the many bakers and volunteers who helped out on the day. Overall we raised £845.15 towards our new museum, which is a fantastic sum and another big step towards our goal of £200,000.



Update   Monday 28th March 2016

Gairloch and District Pub Quiz Grand Challenge - Winter Series 2015-16


The Winter Series reached its Grand Finale and nail biting finish on Friday 18 March, the final Pub Quiz being generously hosted by the Old Inn. The evening was an enjoyable mix of five rounds, including the usual round for expert locals, and picture quiz, not to mention the whisky and grand raffles.


The winning teams were

1. Leacnasaide Arrows     2. West Coast Reprobates     3. Ticks and Crosses


They were awarded 5, 4 and 3 points respectively.  In the picture quiz MAKS (Badachro) and West Highland Reprobates were first equal. Congratulations to these teams and thanks to everyone who took part. Worthy prizes were distributed.


Award of the Museum Cup 2015-16.

This result meant that the winning team with most points and highest average score (see league table) and Winners of the Grand Challenge Cup was Leacnasaide Arrows.


Roy MacIntyre, Chairman of the Museum Board, presented the Museum Cup to Hilary Brown who represented the winning team. The Museum would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Old Inn for donating the Museum Cup and also for hosting such a splendid evening.


As this Winter session draws to a close, a big thank you to all who participated, in particular to our five hosts - the Shieling,  Poolewe Hotel,  Badachro Inn, Aultbea Hotel  and  Old Inn.


The good news is that for the many teams who came so close, there will be the opportunity to do better next season. Look out for details in the Autumn!

Update   Monday 29th February 2016

Thanks to Robin and Ballal for a great evening and great food at the Pub Quiz in The Aultbea Hotel on Friday 19th Feb. Also thanks to the Dynamic Duo, Robin & Liz Robertson.

A big thank you to everyone for your continued support.


£491 was raised towards the New Museum Project


Update   Monday 25th January 2016

Thanks to the Badachro Inn for being such great hosts at the pub quiz on Friday 15th January, and for providing a lovely half-time spread. The sound of head-scratching was only just drowned out by the noise of merriment and the popping of corks in our most competitive quiz to date. A big thank you to everyone for your continued support.


£517 was raised towards the New Museum Project


The three winning teams were:

1st Ticks and Crosses

Joint 2nd Badachro Baddies and Chairman’s Select



Update   Monday 21st December 2015

At the Poolewe Hotel Pub Quiz on Friday 11th December great fun was had by all, and again there were great prizes for the three winning teams. There was also a raffle for the Christmas Hamper and other delights, as well as the Malt Whisky Raffle - so it was difficult to go home without something!


£225 was raised towards the New Museum Project


Congratulations to the three winning teams :

1st  Google IT (Poolewe)

2nd The Arrows (Leacnaside)

3rd  Smithton Pirates (Smithstown)

Update   Monday 30th November 2015

We had a wonderful time at the Know Your Antiques day on Friday 20 November. The Community Centre was full of people – many had brought along treasured items to be valued whilst others had just come along to enjoy the event. Some found out their treasures were worth much more than they’d realised whilst others ... didn't! Despite that, everyone enjoyed finding out a little more about their objects, seeing what others had brought along and eating the lovely baked goodies.


A huge thank you goes out to Charles Graham-Campbell for giving his time and expertise so generously, to Kirsty Adam and her legion of volunteers for organising it all on behalf of the museum and to all who came along to the valuation and talk and helped us raise £626 towards the museum's redevelopment project.

Update   Monday 16th November 2015

Gairloch and District Pub Quiz Challenge - Round 1


The Shieling, Friday Nov 13th


Our pub quiz challenge kicked off with a great night out at the Shieling in the company of our host Donald and quiz master Russell.  There was a brilliant turn out with just about every table taken by teams from all over the area, including Badachro, Laide and Balnaluib.  There were question rounds on history, general knowledge, sport, film and TV, geography and a special round on Gairloch Heritage Museum.  The winners on the night were ‘The Birds’, who kindly donated their prize back to the museum for future events.  Team ‘Laide Back’ came in second place and ‘G.N.O.M.E’  (Girls Night Out Mensa Endorsed), won the prize for the best team name.  A total of £500 was raised for the museum redevelopment project.  We are looking forward to the next quiz in the series, which will take place on Friday 11th December in the Poolewe Hotel.  We will put up a league table of scores just as soon as the quiz master has released them

Update   Friday 13th November 2015

Press Release

£20,000 Donation Received For New Gairloch Heritage Museum

GAIRLOCH, 13th November 2015 – The Gairloch and District Heritage Company is delighted to have received a donation of £20,000 towards their project to turn a former Cold War bunker into a cultural visitor attraction and community heritage hub for the area. The funds have been provided by the trustees of a charitable fund set up by the late Carl Mayl.  The money will contribute to ensuring the long-term future of the museum’s collections and the cultural events it hosts.

Solicitor Mark Feeny who is one of the trustees of the fund and, with his wife Carryl, has a home in Opinan says  “I had known and acted for Carl for many years. Carl spent his working life as a merchant seaman,  and during his holidays would take his wife Glenys to the West coast of Scotland. I first visited the Gairloch area over 30 years ago,  and whenever I met Carl and Glenys we spent more time discussing Scottish mountains, seascapes and wildlife than their legal affairs. Carl and Glenys did not have any children and as Glenys died some years ago, Carl left the majority of his estate on a charitable trust. I know that Carl would be delighted that part of his bequest can be used to support and preserve the heritage of this special community.”

Since 1975, Gairloch and District Heritage Company has been run entirely by volunteers who are currently engaged in the challenging task of raising £1.2 million to provide an environmentally controlled home for Gairloch Heritage Museum’s collection of artefacts and archive when its current lease expires in 2018.  As well as regenerating a redundant historic building and creating a key tourist attraction for the area, the project will offer new educational opportunities for young people in the area through collaboration with West Highland College and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.  The new centre is due to open in Spring 2019.


Gairloch Heritage Museum :   Achtercairn • Gairloch • Ross-shire • IV21 2BP • UK

Curator : Dr. Karen Buchanan (Thompson)

tel : 01445 712287

email :

Gairloch Heritage Museum is operated by Gairloch & District Heritage Company Ltd

 which is run by volunteers and is a registered charity no. SC010249